Take Your Students on a Virtual Field Trip to the National Parks

Take your students on a virtual field trip to the National Parks. This digital activity is set up in Google Slides and is low prep and great for upper elementary

Are you looking for blended or remote learning activities that are educational and will keep your students engaged? Take your students on a Virtual Road Trip to explore the top 5 most visited National Parks! Students will use Google Earth and multiple print and digital sources to quickly draw information to answer questions pertaining to the National Parks.

This virtual field trip includes both print and digital formats. A Google Slides edition is included so that students can complete the Park Pages digitally!

What is a virtual field trip?

Students begin by reading a short passage about a National Park to build background knowledge. Next they will use the super cool 360 degree navigation features on Google Earth to explore the parks, and answer the questions on their Park Pass. In addition, students will navigate to the National Parks website to learn more.