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Do your students find pirates fascinating? Check out this Pirate Ship Virtual Field Trip

Do your students love learning about pirates? Check out this virtual field trip all about pirate ships!

If your students love learning about pirates, then they are sure to love a virtual field trip all about pirate ships! Take a virtual tour of replica ships, explore a shipwreck with an underwater tour, and learn all about the Golden Age of Piracy, in this ready-to-go activity!

Pirate Ships Virtual Field Trip Details:

Did you know there is only one fully authenticated pirate ship known today? In this trip, your students will learn about the Whydah Gally and some of the challenges of finding this sunken pirate ship. Because there is only one truly known pirate ship, your students will visit replicas of merchant ships that were known to have been taken over by pirates.

To better understand the corrosion and deterioration process that occurs after a shipwreck, your students will tour a sunken ship located in the Red Sea.

This virtual field trip also covers common misconceptions (like the fact that pirates didn't actually walk around with parrots on their shoulders), focuses on the life of a pirate during the Golden Age of Piracy, and also explores piracy today.

All About Pirates, Ships, and Shipwrecks Virtual Field Trip

Virtual Field Trip Format:

This trip is designed in a self-paced format for your students to lead their own learning, but this can also be conducted as a teacher-led whole group activity. Carrying out this lesson as a whole group activity is a great option if your students aren't as tech-savvy, or if your devices are limited. This can also be assigned as an independent or partner activity. With lots of versatility, this trip can be accessed on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or even a smartphone.

No typing or searching is needed. This virtual field trip includes clickable links that will take students directly to Google Earth 360-degree views. Everything is linked for you which means your students can easily explore and tour these sites. This trip also includes several YouTube video clips, which can also be edited if needed.

Throughout the trip, students will answer response questions that pertain to what they are learning, watching, or observing. These questions are editable so that you can tailor them to meet your class needs.

All About Pirates and the Golden Age of Piracy Virtual Field Trip

Here's what teachers are saying about virtual field trips in the classroom:

"My students really enjoyed this virtual field trip! I even overheard one student say, "that was a lot of fun!" They never admit that stuff ;) The virtual field trip gave them so many different ways to learn (text, video, Google Earth...) that they never got bored or felt it was redundant. Great resource!" -T.O.N.

All about the life of a pirate virtual field trip activity

Check out this virtual field trip here:

Virtual Field Trips by Michelle McDonald


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