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Free Virtual Field Trip to Ancient Egypt for Your World History Class

Free Virtual Field Trip for your World History Class

If you are looking for an interactive way to teach Ancient History, virtual field trips are a great way to bring learning to life! A virtual field trip is an interactive way for students to learn and explore places and geographic features of the world. If done right, a virtual field trip provides an opportunity for students to take ownership of their learning, adds in cross-curricular subjects, and provides a means of critical thinking and discussion. A virtual field trip is more than just an online website or video cam. Students are provided an opportunity to dig deeper into the content.

Studies show that students who have access to more resources are more likely to travel, be taken to events, expand their experiences, and therefore build strong background knowledge--which we know is vital to reading comprehension. Virtual field trips are a great way to create a more equitable learning experience right within the walls of the classroom. Through technology today, we can take our students around the world to experience history up close.

Free Virtual Field Trip to Ancient Egypt with Links

If you are new to virtual field trips, I'd love to pass along a free copy of my Ancient Egypt Virtual Field Trip to the Valley of the Kings. In this trip, your students will learn all about King Tutankhamen's burial site and the significance of this finding by archeologist, Howard Carter. Using Google Earth 360-degree views, your students will tour various sites around the Valley of the Kings.

All of the direct links to Google Earth™ and YouTube video links are set up for you. All of the informational text, maps, and response questions are ready to go. Just assign this virtual field trip in Google Classroom or whichever LMS your school uses. This virtual field trip can be accessed on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Free Virtual Field Trip to King Tutankhamen's tomb

If you're new to Google Earth™, this free program renders 3D representations of the Earth using satellite images. Your students will be able to view cities and landscapes up-close and personal from various angles through the technology of satellite images, aerial photography, and GIS data onto a 3D globe. You will want to make sure that your school server allows YouTube and Google Earth™. These two sites are essential to make this virtual field trip interactive. You can read more under my FAQs blog post.

There are many fantastic images and panoramic views on Google Earth™, but it can become overwhelming. I've taken the time to incorporate specific links to places that are most meaningful and have the best panoramic views for students.

Free Ancient Egypt Virtual Field Trip with Google Earth Links

If you are ready to take your students on a virtual field trip, you can grab free access to this activity here: Ancient Egypt Valley of the Kings Virtual Field Trip


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