Take Your Students on a Virtual Tour of the Silk Road

Take your students on a virtual tour of the Silk Road with this interactive virtual field trip perfect for your world civilizations class.

Technology today has provided new ways to present information to our students. If you are getting ready to teach the Silk Road, consider taking your students on a virtual tour! This activity is set up for digital learning and is a great option whether you are teaching face-to-face, hybrid, or are fully online. In this activity, students make 8 stops along the Silk Road.

The Silk Road was a network of trade routes that started in China and linked the regions of the ancient world. This activity provides students an opportunity to stop at several different significant cities and locations along the main route of the Silk Road.

With each stop, students build background knowledge about the location. Built in links provide an opportunity for students to learn more through video clips, and an opportunity to explore the locations through the 360-degree views available on Google Earth. Everything is set up in Google Slides and is ready to go.

This virtual tour includes 8 stops to the following:

1. Xi'an, China (Chang'an)

At this location, students will learn about the start of the Silk Road and will tour the City Wall which was designed as a military fortification situated at the eastern most point of the Silk Road.

2. Dunhuang, China

At the second stop, students will visit an ancient fortification and will also learn about the Mogao Caves. This stop includes 360-degree views as well as a short video clip.