World War I Unit with Reading Passages, Stations, and Activities

World War I Unit with Reading Passages, Stations, and Activities

If you are new to teaching the Great War and want to be sure you're providing a well-rounded perspective to your students, I’ve got you covered! This World War One unit is comprehensive, easy to implement, and includes primary source activities to get your students out of their seats and thinking critically.


- 161 Slide Presentation

- Corresponding Student Booklet

- Reading Passages

- Analysis Activities

- Station Activities

- Gallery Walk

- Exit Tickets

- Editable Assessment

- Video Links

World War I Unit

This resource is set up so that as you teach the PowerPoint, students follow along in their packet. Students fill in notes, add vocabulary, answer questions, and complete additional activities (see below).

To save you time, this packet is set up to just PRINT & STAPLE! The PowerPoint includes key vocabulary and primary source images and photographs.

This resource includes 6 Station Activities & Gallery Walk Station Activity. Students record the data into a student packet designed just for the stations. Just PRINT & STAPLE! The station activities are very LOW PREP and easy to implement.

Exit tickets are also included that can serve as a quick assessment throughout the unit. An EDITABLE assessment is also provided for you.

A list of video links are included within this resource to further enhance this study.

World War One Unit


- Causes of World War I (Alliances/Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand)

- Schlieffen Plan

- Key Battles on the Western Front

- Key Battles on the Eastern Front

- War at Sea (Battle of Jutland)

- Trench Warfare

- Chemical Warfare

- Tank Warfare

- German U-Boats

- Russian Revolution

- Sinking of Lusitania

- Zimmerman Telegram

- US Entry to WWI

- Propaganda

- Selective Service Act

- Liberty Bonds

- Victory Gardens

- Women & WWI (Ellen La Motte)

- Blacks & WWI (Harlem Hell Fighters)

- Stormtroopers

- Flamethrowers

- Last Major Offensive

- Turkey & Bulgaria

- Nov. 11th Armistice

- Aftermath of the War (Spanish Flu)

- Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Points Speech

- Treaty of Versailles

- In Flanders Field (Poem)

World War One Unit


The following are included WITHIN the student packet to make for easy printing. You could also print & complete these activities separately.

- The Assassination at Sarajevo (Reading Passage & Comprehension Questions)

- Mapping Alliances

- The Russian Revolution (Reading Passage & Comprehension Questions)

- Zimmerman Telegram (Analysis)

- Propaganda Song (Analysis)

- The Battle of Verdun (Reading Passage & Comprehension Questions)

- Chemical Warfare (Reading Passage & Comprehension Questions)

- Black Soldiers in WWI (Fact Sheet w/ Word Find)

- Turkey & Bulgaria (Reading Passage)

- 14 Point Speech (Fill in the Blank)

- In Flanders Field (Poem)

- The Significance of November 11 (Armistice Day Reading Passage)

- World War I Memorials & Monuments WebQuest Sheet

World War I Station Activities


This resource includes 6 station activities. These activities are designed with the busy teacher in mind, and are LOW PREP and easy to implement. A PRINT & STAPLE student packet is included with all the directions and recording sheets. The station materials are very low prep. BONUS: All of these activities can be completed separately and independently rather than as stations!

1. Causes of World War I (Chronological Order Sort)

2. Trench Warfare (Follow the trench line & write a letter home)

3. Marie Curie’s “Little Curies” (A scientist & WWI)

4. Red Baron (Two Truths & A Lie)

5. Eastern vs. Western Front (Battles Sort)

6. Propaganda (Poster Analysis)

World War One Trench Warfare Gallery Walk


A gallery walk is a classroom based learning activity that is set up similar to a museum or gallery. Student will view images organized by topic to reach a conclusion regarding the overarching question of "What was life like for a soldier on the front lines of World War I?" A student packet is included for recording data and writing final conclusion statement. The prep involved is very minimal!

Students will view images and read captions on the following topics:

- Trench Warfare

- Chemical Warfare

- Tank Warfare

- Stormtroopers & Flamethrowers

Have questions, feel free to ask. I can be reached at

World War I Trench warfare Gallery Walk