Why Teacher Mentorship?

On-going and consistent mentorship has proven to help retain good teachers, improve teaching practice, and keep teachers engaged in the profession (George Lucas Educational Foundation).


At Strategic Educational Service we offer:


- Coaching Calls

- Collaborative Support Group (closed FB group) for New Teachers

- Facebook Live Sessions on new topics each month

- Access to Resources, such as the New Teacher Success Kit

- Professional Development Hours & Certificate of Completion

What is the Facebook Group all about?

The First Year Teacher Mentor Group allows your teacher(s) to acquire Professional Development Hours through Real-Time Mentor Sessions with seasoned and veteran teachers through our closed, membership only Facebook group. Each month a new topic is covered that focuses on best practice, beating overwhelm, and teacher efficacy. Teachers can track their PD sessions and a certificate of completion is provided at the end of the year. As well, through our closed, membership only Facebook group, teachers are able to ask questions, problem solve, and share in each other’s victories on a daily basis.


We know that the beginning of the year is an especially busy time as teachers set up their classroom, prepare curriculum, and determine their classroom procedures and expectations. The New Teacher Success Kit is designed to help teachers save time, and hit the ground running with editable materials. Teachers receive instant access to an editable year long teacher binder to stay organized, newsletter templates, editable parent handbook, course syllabus templates, an open house kit, and more.

What are Coaching Calls?

It doesn't matter if you are located in Washington state, or across the globe, at SES we love to chat with teachers through real-time phone calls and online chats. If you are looking to problem solve, or dive deeper into professional development, we can help strategize a solution and help you take your educational journey to the next level. 

What is the New Teacher Success Kit?

This Kit contains all of the listed resources below:

:: Editable Year Long Teacher Planner Binder
:: Open House/Back to School Night Kit
:: Editable Parent Handbook for K-5
:: Editable Syllabus Template & Course Overview 
:: Editable Newsletter Templates (8 options)
:: First Year Teacher Checklist

Please note, that this kit includes resources that are geared

toward elementary, middle school, and high school. 


To purchase, click here: New Teacher Success Kit