4 Virtual Field Trips for Teaching the Revolutionary War

If you are a 5th grade teacher covering the American Revolutionary War, virtual field trips are a great activity to bring history to life for students. When our students understand the physical characteristics and locations of places, can make connections, and understand that there are multiple perspectives to historical events, they are more likely to dig deeper, ask questions, and lead their own learning.

Virtual field trips are a great way to spark curiosity while providing an opportunity for students take ownership in their learning. These are not gamified digital activities, but are a learning tool that provide clickable links to Google Earth 360-degree imagery, short video clips, informational text, and response questions that lead students through the trip in a purposeful and meaningful way.

I've put together 4 virtual field trips that are a great addition to any Revolutionary War unit.

Lexington & Concord Virtual Field Trip

You might kick off your unit with the Lexington and Concord virtual field trip to get students engaged and interested in the unit of study. Within this digital activity, students will use Google Earth 360-degree panoramic views, short video clips, and informational text to learn about the Battles of Lexington and Concord.

It is important for students to learn that there are multiple perspectives to historical events. Acknowledging Native lands and the lasting impacts that European contact has had on Indigenous peoples is one aspect that should not be overlooked. Each virtual field trip begins with land recognition.