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An Easy and Low Prep End of Unit Assessment: One Pagers

Are you tired of assigning tests for your social studies units? I want to share an easy-to-implement end-of-unit project that gets students thinking about what they learned beyond just a pen and paper test. One-Pagers are a project that can help take out the "boring" of social studies, and provide a means for students to "show what they know" creatively.

What is a One-Pager?

A One-Pager is an AVID strategy that works well with any social studies topic (or really any unit of study!). Essentially, I provide my students with a large piece of paper and they create a poster to communicate what they know in a creative and concise way.

Why is this assessment strategy effective?

A One-Pager poster is a great way for students to make connections to what they have learned because each person thinks about what they see, read, and learn differently. It is also a meaningful way to incorporate historical thinking skills rather than just memorization and facts. You can learn more about historical thinking skills here.

A One-Pager project is also great because it's low prep, and only requires a few supplies which removes many barriers for students that may not have as many resources. A One-Pager can be completed at school or at home.

One Pager Project for Social Studies End of Unit Project

Helpful Tips for Assigning a One-Pager Project:

I always provide my students with a set of parameters. I either provide a large unlined sheet of paper or an 8.5 x 11-page template which can be helpful so students fill the entire page. You can choose to either allow your students to use computer-generated images or limit it to just hand-drawn illustrations.

Here are just a few parameter ideas:

  • All work is done on one side of the paper

  • Fill the entire page

  • Use at least 4 different colors of markers, crayons, or colored pencils to make the poster visually appealing

  • Include a title that accurately describes the topic or subject

  • Include a combination of at least 5 symbols or images

  • Include at least 5 key terms

  • Include at least 5 facts or quotations

  • Use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation

Sometimes I require students to add a unique border that includes pictures, symbols, or quotes, but you can tailor this to your students. Depending on your class, you can change the number of required elements or provide a list of key terms that you would like to see your students include.

How to Grade a One-Pager:

I use a rubric that makes grading a breeze. I always provide students with the grading rubric ahead of time so that they know how I will be grading the project. I am specifically looking that students have included the required elements, that the poster contains content and that it's accurate, the poster has visual appeal (isn't messy), and that the project was completed on time.

One Pager Project Templates and Grading Rubric for Social Studies End of Unit Project


I've put together a rubric and several templates that you can use with your class to create a One-Pager end-of-unit assessment. You can download this freebie by clicking the link below.

One Pager Template
Download PDF • 1.12MB


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