Teaching the Roaring Twenties in Upper Elementary

Are you gearing up to teach the Roaring Twenties? Check out these easy to implement, low prep resources that are sure to keep your students engaged. If you are looking to go beyond the textbook, the following lesson plan ideas incorporate primary sources and activities to get your student out of their seats.

Just Starting Out?

If you aren't sure where to start, beginning with a general overview of the Roaring Twenties is a great idea. This 4 page magazine style article will not only allow your students to practice reading with non-fiction text features, but is high interest and well-rounded.

Roaring Twenties Reading Passage

This article is set up similar to a magazine with 4 pages of reading that contain text features (ex. headings, fact boxes). I like to staple the article to form a booklet. Comprehension questions and answer keys are included!

The article covers the following content:

-What were the Roaring Twenties?