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How to Effectively use Collaborative Posters in Your History Classroom

How to Effectively Use Collaborative Posters in Your History Classroom

I don't know about you, but I've always had a hard time finding meaningful social studies classroom decor. If you are looking for an easy bulletin board display that can be used as a word wall or anchor chart reference, you're in luck!

I've created a line of collaborative posters that are aligned to fit well with any World History or Ancient Civilizations course. Similar to a quilt project, each student will color one piece of the poster to form a student-created display.

With varying class sizes, each poster set includes 3 sizes--18 pieces, 24 pieces (pictured), and 36 pieces. We know that some students are going to be more enthusiastic about coloring than others, so the pieces have varying amounts of detail so you can give each student just the right piece. :)

If you are looking at these posters and thinking this might be a bit complicated, don't worry. I've included photo references for every poster so that your students can work together and color with accuracy. As well, your student will be able to see exactly where their piece fits in the big picture of the poster.

And even better, there is very little prep involved. Just print the pages! Have your students color, cut out, and label their piece so that you can assemble the poster. I just use tape or blue sticky-tack to hold the pieces together. And that's it!

Ancient Egypt Collaborative Poster for a meaningful anchor chart or word wall

These posters work well as an early finisher activity, sub plans, or use as an anticipatory set before starting a new World History unit.

If you use my virtual field trips in your classroom, all of these posters fit well with my Ancient History virtual field trips. These are a great option for early finishers.

How to Effectively Use Collaborative Posters in Your World History Classroom

Each of the posters are designed with key terms and concepts included on the poster so that you can create a meaningful word wall or anchor chart that you can easily reference.

Every poster also includes an extension activity to go deeper. The extension activities vary for each poster, but some examples include research sheets, a reading passage and questions, or labeling activities. You can use the extension activities as a stand-alone assignment as well.

Collaborative Poster Project and Extension Activities for World History

YouTube Video Tutorials:

Collaborative Posters:

You can find all of the collaborative posters in my TpT store here, or you can purchase directly from my website here.


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