Women's Suffrage The Trial of Susan B Anthony Activity

Women's Suffrage Movement Scavenger Hunt Activity

Are you looking for an engaging and meaningful way to teach the road to the 19th amendment, without just reading a textbook?

In this activity, your students will walk in the shoes of Elizabeth Cady Stanton as they learn about the Women's Suffrage movement and the trial of Susan B. Anthony. This scavenger hunt uses primary sources! What better way to learn about the past, then to analyze real photos and documents! Your students will use close reading skills, decoding, and teamwork as they complete 7 different tasks with clues.

This resource is similar to an escape room, but allows for more flexibility as it can span over the course of two or more class periods. This scavenger hunt involves little prep and is easy to implement, as all the hard work is done for you!

Women's Suffrage Movement Scavenger Hunt Activity

Your students will:

- Learn about the Seneca Falls Convention (primary source document)

- Review the Declaration of Sentiments (primary source document)

- Review testimonies of men in support of women's suffrage (primary source document)

- Learn about the trial of Susan B. Anthony (primary source document)

- Discover how many years it took from the original petition to Congress until the ratification of the 19th amendment.

- Use inferencing skills to determine that Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton passed away before the ratification of the 19th amendment.

What's Included:

- Teacher Plans (this resource is EASY SET UP! Very little prep needed!)

- 7 Different Tasks with Clues (close reading, decoding, unscramble the words, etc.)

- Answer Keys!!!

Women's Suffrage and the Trial of Susan B Anthony Activity

Here's what educators are saying:

This was FANTASTIC! I made it a competition between the groups in my class and they had so much fun! -Katie A.

This activity will definitely take 1-2 class periods. It was very easy to put together for my students. Thank you for this resource! - Language Art with Heart

You can find a preview of the materials and see more by clicking here.

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