200+ Countries of the World Daily Bell Ringer for your World Geography Class

200+ Countries of the World Daily Bell Ringer for Your World Geography Class

I recognized that my students really didn't have a solid understanding of the difference between continents, countries, and cities and that placing locations geographically on a map was a struggle. I was brainstorming ways for my students to gain a broad overview of all the countries of the world, but knew that I had limited class time (don't we all!). That's when I came up with this idea for a daily bell ringer.

I also knew that using the internet appropriately for research is a critical skill, and being able to quickly and effectively pull information from a site is important. I also knew that if my students could pull data from the United Nations Human Development Index, they would be able to identify trends and patterns among countries throughout the world. I also wanted my students to learn important historical information, and geographic features. I put all of these components together to create a World Geography Bell Ringer.

This bell ringer includes a print version as well as a digital version set up in Google Slides. Since this is a tech-based bell ringer, and to save on ink, you might want to assign this digitally.

World Geography Bell Ringer for Middle School and High School

By the end of the year, students gain a broad understanding of 200+ countries, territories, and special collectives of the world. Students discover facts and use the internet to research important data about a different country every day (5 days a week). This resource covers both physical and human geography.

I love that this bell ringer can not only be used as an entry task or warm-up, but it can serve as a daily mini-lesson or a task for early finishers. This journal works great as group work, an independent study, or as a station activity.