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This virtual field trip bundle includes 12 months of complete trips. Travel to 3 new locations each month, and save 25% when you purchase the complete set! Virtual field trips are a great brain-stimulating activity for older adults. Perfect for an activity schedule, therapeutic recreation, or independent learning, these versatile activities are set up and ready to go. Using a combination of Google Earth™ 360-degree views, informational text, video, and visuals, these trips are perfect for social engagement and intellectual wellness.


The Bundle Includes Trips on Every Continent!

:: January-- U.S. Capitol, Eiffel Tower, Stonehenge

:: February-- Roman Architecture, Venues, and Temples

:: March-- Ireland, Taj Mahal, Oregon Trail

:: April-- Egpyt Pyramids, Deir el-Bahari, Valley of the Kings

:: May-- Japan, Great Wall of China, Terracotta Warriors

:: June-- African Savanna, Kalahari Desert, the Sahara & Sahel

:: July-- Independence Hall & the Liberty Bell, the White House, Wall Street

:: August-- Caribbean, New Zealand, Australia

:: September-- Chichen Itza, Teotihuacan, Machu Picchu

:: October-- Berlin, Andes Mountains, Acropolis of Athens

:: November-- Jamestown, Plymouth, NASA Space Centers

:: December-- Antarctica, Valley Forge, Mount Kilimanjaro

36 Complete Virtual Field Trips!


Each Virtual Field Trip Includes:

:: Google Slides version

:: PDF version for use with a screen reader

:: Dyslexia friendly font

:: Themed coloring page with map

:: Themed word find & answer key

:: Printable Passport with glue-on stamps (great for motor skills)

:: Informational Text (build background knowledge)

:: Critical thinking response questions for discussion

:: Clickable links to Google Earth™ 360-degree views

:: Clickable video links (average 10 min)


How it Works:

These virtual field trips can be conducted as a whole group activity with an activity director serving as the "tour guide." Project the virtual field trip on a screen and have participants follow along with or without their own devices. The virtual tours can also be provided as a therapeutic recreation activity that is completed independently. A Google Slides version for each trip is included as well as a PDF version for use with a screen reader.


Structure: These virtual field trips are structured. This means that the informational text and links are meaningful and are meant to lead participants to think critically as discussion questions are included throughout. A printable word find and coloring map sheet are also included for each trip that can be handed out at the beginning or end of the trip or used as an extension activity.


Passport: This virtual field trip includes an easy to assemble printable passport. Step-by-step assembly directions are provided. The passport includes a personal info page for space to add a photograph. A printable stamp for each trip is included. Simply cut out and use a glue stick to add the stamp to the passport. This is a great way to incorporate motor skills. Add stamps to the passport as you continue to travel the world virtually!


Technology: Please note that to conduct these virtual field trips you will need to access Google Earth.™ Google Earth™ can be accessed on a desktop using Chrome as the browser. If using a tablet or smartphone, simply download the Google Earth App before starting the virtual field trip. You will also need access to YouTube to view the video clips. Tech support is included with purchase.


This is a zip file. Within the zip file, you will find a folderfor each month of the year. 3 complete virtual field trips are located are organized within each monthly folder. You can of course pick and choose which trips you would like to complete at any time. 


If you have questions, feel free to reach out prior to purchasing. Looking for another virtual field trip that you don’t see? Let me know! I can be reached directly by email at:


License Information: This purchase includes a single license. It is intended for use with one residency, community, and/or client group. If you wish to share this across multiple residencies or with your colleagues, please purchase additional license(s).


Thank you!

Michelle McDonald, B.A.E.

Social Studies Education, K-12

Elementary Education K-8

Full Year Virtual Field Trip Bundle for Older Adults

$360.00 Regular Price
$270.00Sale Price
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