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This comprehensive book study for The Hiding Place includes chapter by chapter quizzes and reading responses, plus additional historical reading passages and activities to allow your students to delve deeper into a study of the Holocaust.


UPDATE: NOW GOOGLE COMPATIBLE. You are now able to share this with your students digitally. I have included links to access through Google Slides. Students type right into the boxes. It's all set up for you! Perfect for distance learning.


This powerful book is a biography of the life of Corrie ten Boom. She and her family lived out their Christian faith by hiding Jewish people in their home in The Netherlands. This book recounts her experience in prison and ultimately in the Ravensbrück concentration camp.


**Please note that The Hiding Place is presented from the perspective of a Christian who endured the Holocaust, and therefore some of the questions presented within this resource integrate the biblical worldview.


This Resource Includes:

•Student Booklet Cover

•Reading Response sheet for every chapter (GRADING RUBRIC INCLUDED)

•Quizzes for every chapter (ANSWER KEYS INCLUDED)

•Photo Analysis Activities to use throughout

•Pre-Reading Information Sheet (building background)

•European Jewish Life (Before WWII) Reading Passage

•Judaism FAQs Sheet

•Motives, Actions & Decisions (individual analysis chart)

•The Netherlands in WWII (Reading Passage & Timeline Activity)

•WebQuest (ten Boom home virtual tour)

•Scheveningen Reading Passage (prison camp)

•Vught Reading Passage (concentration camp)

•Ravensbrück Reading Passage (concentration camp)

•Book Critical Analysis (questionnaire)

•Teacher Resources & Tips


Student Booklet:

This resource is set up with a printable student booklet that is organized sequentially with chapter by chapter reading responses, reading passages, and activities. The historical information sheets, reading passages, and additional activities are placed logically so as to build historical context and deeper understanding as your students read the book. However, instead of printing a booklet, you can always choose the reading responses and pages that work best for your classroom needs.


Reading Responses:

This resource includes reading responses for each chapter. The short answer questions include summarizing the chapter, analyzing the text, figurative language, opinion, compare and contrast, character analysis and more. These are found within the student booklet, but can be printed individually to meet your class needs. A grading rubric is included.


Chapter Quizzes:

A one page quiz is provided for each chapter of the book. These quizzes are a combination of short answer, multiple choice, true/false, and matching. An answer key is provided.


Photo Analysis:

A picture is worth a thousand words. This resource contains 16 photos specifically intended for analysis throughout the reading of the book. A detailed lesson plan with step by step photo analysis implementation is included, as well as a photo analysis recording sheet for your students.



Within the student resource booklet, a WebQuest sheet is provided for the Virtual Tour of the Ten Boom home.


Building Background & Historical Information:

This resource contains short (one page) reading passages to allow your students to gain a better understanding the Holocaust and World War II. As well, a FAQ sheet (2 pages) on Judaism and Jewish traditions is also included.


Teacher Tips and Resources:

I have provided tips for implementation that align with best practice when teaching the Holocaust, as well as links to websites with lots of additional helpful information.


*This resource is not editable at this time. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out prior to purchasing.


Thank you! Have a blessed day.

Michelle McDonald, B.A.E.

Social Studies Education, K-12

Elementary Education K-8

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The Hiding Place: Comprehensive Book Study (Corrie ten Boom)

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