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Ancient Civilizations Resources for Blended Learning

Ancient Civilizations Resources and Lessons for Remote Learning

Ancient civilizations are usually one of the early units taught in World Civilizations courses. With back to school season here and so many changes and uncertainties with how education will look for students and teachers, one thing that we do know is that flexibility is key. I've been listening to you all, and have updated my Ancient Civilizations Unit bundle to include both print and digital options.

Let's Talk Digital Interactive Notebooks

I personally love teaching with interactive notebooks, but using shared or community supplies are out the window. With some schools going completely remote, this means that interactive notebooks will need to look a little different. I have decided to create digital interactive notebooks. These are set up with page tabs that will jump to the page within the notebook. Text boxes and digital sticky notes are included. Students can still embellish or make their notebook their own by changing the font style, text color, add shapes, etc. These digital interactive notebooks can be assigned in Google Classroom.

Ancient Mesopotamia Digital Lessons for Middle School World Civilizations

Different Teaching Needs

I recognize that while some teachers may use PowerPoint to present new content, Google Slides is also widely used by educators. I have updated each of the units in this bundle to include both options. With Google Slides, teachers can easily assign portions or all of the slide presentation to their students using Google Classroom. Audio can also be added. This just provides teachers with another option to tailor the lessons to their classroom needs.

Ancient Civilizations Resources for Remote Learning

Re-thinking Activities and Projects

I have been thinking a lot on how school projects will look going forward. This unit includes a diorama project where students design a 3D creation to show what they have learned. I prefer to conduct projects in-class so that students have equal access to supplies and materials. Instead of using shared materials and supplies, one option is to create individual supply bags. Fill a gallon size ziplock with materials for students. Either take home and create, or provide space for students to create in class while social distancing.

Drag & Drop Digital Review Activities

I decided to create digital drag & drop key terms activities. Usually, I would have students add key term cards to their interactive notebooks, which are great for review, but one option is to have students review key terms through a drag & drop key terms activity. Each unit within this Ancient Civilizations Bundle includes a key terms review. A printable copy of all the key terms are still included.

Hunters-Gatherers Digital Learning Activity

Ancient Mesopotamia Activities

Reading Passages and Photo Analysis

When teaching Hunter-Gatherer societies, it is important for our students to recognize that there are modern-day Hunter-Gatherer societies. In this unit, students have an opportunity to learn about the Hadza, and uncontacted people through informational text, video, and photo analysis. I have included digital options to make blended or remote learning seamless. Assign the reading passage and photo analysis writing activity in Google Classroom, or send students with the print version.

Hunter-Gatherer Societies and Uncontacted People

This unit includes so much more than I could share here, so if you are getting ready to cover Ancient Civilizations you can check out all of the details from this unit HERE.

Educators are Saying

"Thank you! Awesome resource! Really helped me in my first year of teaching 6th grade." -Juana M.

"Great source and definitely in-depth." -Breanna K.

"It was a quick resource pull for my Hunter-Gatherers Unit. The modern day hunter gatherers activity was a great learning task for students to use which helped them compare the past to the present." -Katrina B.


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