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3 Easy to Print and Assemble Collaborative Posters for Back to School

3 Easy to Print and Assemble Collaborative Posters for Back to School

Are you tired of the same back-to-school ice-breakers and activities? Or maybe you're looking for meaningful classroom decor that is student-centered? Check both those boxes with collaborative posters! ✔️✔️

A collaborative poster is similar to a quilt project where each student colors one section of the poster to form a student-created wall display. These are perfect for your bulletin boards, hallway displays, or to use as door decor.

Back to School Collaborative Posters for the Classroom Bulletin Boards or Hallway Display

Let's face it, back-to-school season is busy! Between lesson planning, meetings, and classroom setup, collaborative posters are a great way to save time by having your students create the posters that display on your walls.

This is not only an easy-to-prep activity, but is a wonderful way to make your classroom space welcoming and inclusive.

I've compiled a set of 3 complete posters that can be used for different class periods, or completed over the course of several days. Each poster also includes an extension activity.

Back to school classroom norms collaborative poster for any classroom bulletin board or hallway display

You'll find an extension activity that focuses on understanding identity and diversity within this poster set. In this activity, students will learn about identity and then determine if an identity is visible or invisible. They will also have an opportunity to create an identity box to share with their classmates. This is a great way for students to learn about their classmates and better understand the meaning of diversity.

Back to school ice breaker activity or get to know you activity all about identity and diversity

This set includes 3 different poster sizes for each of the posters.

18 x 27 (18 pieces)

24 x 36 (24 pieces)

24 x 36 (36 pieces)

I've also designed this in mind with varied pieces so that you can give each student just the right amount of detail to color.

Poster Activity for First Week of School

Three sizes are included, but one of the nice things about these posters is the ability to adjust the sizes by changing your printer settings. If you wish to make the poster even smaller than what is provided, change your printer settings so that you print two squares per sheet. If you wish to make them larger, print on larger size paper.

The extension activities included within this set provide students an opportunity to analyze the poster quotations. In the poster with the quotation from Amanda Gorman's inaugural poem, "The Hill We Climb," a one-page reading passage is included that shares biographical information about our youngest inaugural poet.

Easy to assemble collaborative poster for the first weeks of school

Everything within this set is print and go! Just print the student pages and the extension worksheets. You can have your students color and cut out their own square and label with the corresponding section on the back of their square. Then simply assemble according to the template provided.

You can check out more details of this bundled set here:


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