5 Back to School Technology Tips for Virtual Learning

If you find yourself overwhelmed by learning new technology, are in the process of revamping your lessons and entire daily schedule for digital learning, or feel like you're just not good with technology, then you're in the right place. Here are 5 technology tips for back to school while teaching virtually.

1. Overcome Impostor Syndrome

As the go-to tech person at school, I'd often hear the statement, "Sorry, I'm just not good at technology." This is a form of impostor syndrome. You don't have to know everything to be good at technology. None of us know how to use every tech platform, and new tech is coming out all.the.time. What matters is that students learn. If you use a different platform or use technology in a different way than another teacher in your grade level or building, that's just fine. Technology is simply a tool to help students learn, and if your students are learning, that's the key.

2. Google It

If I find myself stuck on a tech problem or am not sure how to navigate something online, I've found that Google is my best friend. I will quite literally type the problem I am experiencing or "how to.." into the Google search bar. I have found that I can often quickly find a solution through a website tutorial or a YouTube video. Even the most complicated problems I've had, I've found a solution through the Google search engine. Before calling a friend or asking the school tech to help, try looking for a solution on Google. I've found it's actually so much quicker and I can move forward with my work in a timely manner.

3. Gain Confidence in One or Two Platforms

There are so many amazing programs out there for teachers and students. Fr