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5 Fun Social Studies Teacher Back to School Items

If you are a social studies teacher, bring this core subject to the forefront with some fun back-to-school items.

Social Studies Teacher T Shirt

Share your love of social studies with this fun teacher T-shirt! If you teach social studies, let's bring this core subject to the forefront. I see lots of graphic t-shirts for all sorts of teacher-related quotes and subjects but was hard-pressed to find one that focused on social studies. So I decided to create my own. You can find this t-shirt in multiple colors and size options.

Flags of the World Banner for Classroom Decor

If you are looking to create a more inclusive classroom, hanging flags from the ceiling and on the wall is a great decor option. This set of bunting banners includes 200 countries and spans 184 feet. I love that this is an inexpensive and easy decor idea and adds a pop of color to the room.

Fun Stickers for Social Studies Teachers to give as incentives or gifts

If you give out special incentives or are looking for an inexpensive gift idea, stickers are such a fun option! Students LOVE stickers. They can add them to their water bottles, school supplies, or other personal items. This pack of 50 includes nature and adventure-themed stickers.

Countries of the World Push Pins for Teachers

If you are starting your class period off with my World Geography Bell Ringer, these push pins are a great addition to your daily routine. Have a student add a flag push pin to your wall map each day you learn about a new country. If you are in need of a wall map, because sadly so many classrooms do not have them these days, you might consider checking out this wall map from National Geographic.

If you love using virtual field trips in your classroom, add another fun element with a virtual field trip t-shirt or sweatshirt. This is a simple way to drum up some excitement on your "virtual field trip Friday" or whenever your students are ready for a virtual field trip experience. Want to learn more about virtual field trips? Check out this blog post for a free Ancient Egypt Virtual Field Trip.

Looking for more must-have back-to-school items? Check out some picture books, school supplies, and teacher life favorites from Amazon.

This post contains Amazon affiliate links to help you quickly find the items mentioned in this post.


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