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5 States of Matter Bulletin Board Display with Word Wall Posters

When I was teaching middle school science and covering the 5 states of matter, I decided to create a word wall reference for my students. I added a new word(s) as we went through our unit. It is important to remember that many students are visual learners, and having a reference point with an example can go a long ways in helping our students better understand a scientific concept.

I also printed the word wall posters in half sheets so that students could glue them into their science notebook and have the terms as a study tool. In our lesson, we went over the following 20 words. I have created a printable poster resource you can grab here.

:: Matter

:: Mass

:: Atom

:: Electrons

:: Elements

:: Density

:: Elasticity

:: Solids

:: Liquids

:: Gases

:: Plasma

:: Bose-Einstein Condensate (BEC)

:: Phase

:: Evaporation

:: Boiling

:: Melting

:: Freezing

:: Condensation

:: Vapor

:: Standard State

If you want to recreate this bulletin board or are looking for just the printable posters, I have created an easy to print kit. I actually created this entire bulletin board using only a black and white printer. I printed the posters on a decorative paper that I picked up at the dollar store. I printed the bulletin board headers on alternating colored paper. I wanted the background of my bulletin board to be bright and fun. I picked up the cheap table cloths from the party section at the store and cut to size.

If you are looking for additional bulletin board kits, check out the Engineering and Design Kit and States of Matter Bundle to save you time.


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