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Branches of Military Lesson for Memorial Day

 Memorial Day Distance Learning Lesson

If you are looking for a way to include Memorial Day in your distance learning lessons, this resource will provide your students with an understanding of this holiday, as well as a look at the men and women that make up the United States military branches of service. This resource is both printable and Google Compatible. Short video links for each military branch are included.

If you are sending at-home learning packets to your students, this printable booklet provides quick facts about Memorial Day, and a simple overview of each military branch while providing a coloring opportunity for your students. This booklet is super easy to assemble. Just print and staple!

 Memorial Day Booklet

Memorial Day Printable Booklet With Facts

If you are currently conducting remote learning digitally, this resource is also Google Compatible. Have your students read quick facts about Memorial Day, and then learn about each military branch. A video link is included within the slides with a 1-2 minute video of each military branch.

Memorial Day Google Compatible Lesson About Military Branches

There is often confusion between Veterans Day and Memorial Day, so a quick facts sheet is also included about Veterans Day to help students distinguish between the two holidays.

This resource is a great option for self-guided learning, and is low prep.

US Military Branches Google Compatible Lesson

US Military Branches of Service Booklet


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