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Observing Constitution Day 2022 in Your Classroom with a Collaborative Poster

Constitution Day Collaborative Poster Project

Constitution Day and Citizenship Day is a civic holiday that is observed annually on September 17 in the United States. This day was set aside to commemorate the signing of the Constitution on September 17, 1787. It is also a day to recognize all U.S. citizens.

Many states require schools to observe Constitution Day and Citizenship Day. In Washington state, the law requires the study of the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of Washington state. The law also requires educational institutions to observe and hold an education program on September 17 to commemorate the signing of the Constitution.

If you are looking for a meaningful and collaborative class project for this annual observance, consider creating a classroom poster. If you teach a before or after school program or facilitate a homeschool co-op, this poster project would also work well within those settings too.

Constitution Day Collaborative Poster Project

Similar to a quilt project, each student colors one piece of the poster to form a student-created poster. Each piece has varying amounts of detail so that you can give each student just the right piece to color.

I've created this poster with different classroom sizes and educational settings in mind. There are three poster sizes: 18 pieces, 24 pieces, and 36 pieces. The finished poster will make a great bulletin board display, hallway display, or door decor.

I've also included extension sheets that focus on the foundations of democracy and civic holiday observances. These pages can be added a composition notebook or binder for future reference.

Constitution Day Worksheets

This collaborative poster also includes a helpful coloring reference of the Liberty Bell so that your students can color the poster with accuracy.

Tip: I suggest you have your students work together to decide on colors for the block letters and the background. This is a great way to practice the process of voting and decision-making. Your poster will also look more cohesive if students work together to decide on colors or similar shades.

You can grab this ready-to-go poster set which includes 3 sizes & extension pages here: Constitution and Citizenship Day Collaborative Poster


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