The Importance of Social Studies

The need for social studies in elementary grades is important

Maybe you're in a situation like what I've experienced, where social studies is not seen as a priority. I was teaching in one of the largest public school districts in my state, and yet we were not provided with a single resource, material, or curriculum for carrying out our state social studies standards.

In fact, my teacher colleagues held the mindset that they didn't need to teach social studies since the district didn't allocate time for the subject nor provide curriculum. This thinking needs to change, because denying students a social studies education is wrong, and becomes an issue of student equity.

The Marginalization of Social Studies

The Counsel of Chief State School Offices recently released data on the Marginalization of Social Studies. They found that “research consistently demonstrates that social studies receives the least amount of instructional time in the elementary grades when compared to the amount of time afforded to other core content areas.”