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This bundle is perfect for teaching Ancient Civilizations in the upper elementary and middle school level. This bundle includes three complete resources: Hunter-Gatherer (Paleolithic Era), Early Civilizations (Mesolithic to Neolithic Era), and Mesopotamia. Each resource includes a slide presentation (PPT & Google Compatible), Interactive Notebooks in both print and digital format, digital drag & drop key terms activity and more!


This resource is now set up with both print and digital access! Within each resource, you will find Google links to access the digital content!



Interactive Notebook Pages:

Interactive notebooks are a great way to bring note-taking to life! Perfect for kinesthetic learners, students cut, fold, and glue the interactive notebook pages to a spiral bound or composition book. Students add their own notes that pertain to the lesson.


Digital Interactive Notebook

If you don't want to spend time cutting and gluing a Google Slides INB option is now included. Your students will type right onto the foldables within a digital file. Students can change text colors, add additional information, or images. Tabs are included to help students quickly jump to different pages. Digital sticky notes are included for additional note-taking.


Key Terms:

The cards included can be printed and added to a bulletin board, or change your printer setting and print at half size for students to add the key terms to their notebooks.


Digital Key Terms Drag & Drop Activity

This digital activity is set up in Google Slides. Your students will read a sentence or definition and drag and drop the correct term to the box. Great for review or as a quick warm-up.



If you are starting your social studies unit with early civilizations, this resource is perfect for covering Hunter-Gatherers. Your students will take a look at the nomadic lifestyle, egalitarian society, and early tools and weapons used by hunter-gatherers. As well, your students will learn about a few modern-day hunter-gatherer societies and will have an opportunity to analyze and compare their lifestyle to western society.


This Resource Includes:

:: 19 Slide Presentation (PPT and Google Slides)

:: Note-Taking Sheet (Print & Digital)

:: Reading Passage & Comprehension Question: Uncontacted People (Print & Digital)

:: Modern Day Hunters & Gatherers: Photo Analysis (Print & Digital)

:: Key Term cards (Print)

:: Key Terms Drag & Drop Activity (Digital)

:: 2 Video Links about the Hadza

:: Video Question Sheet to complete while watching the video (Print & Digital)

:: Article Abstract about Hadza (Print & Digital)

:: Analyze the Text worksheet (coincides with article) (Print & Digital)

:: Assessment (Short answer, T/F, Matching) (Print & Digital)

:: Assessment Answer Key

:: Diorama (3D Model) Project (w/expectations & rubric, and example pics)

:: 4 Interactive Notebook Foldables (Print & Digital)


Reading Passage: Uncontacted People

This reading passage includes comprehension questions (with answer key) and covers the ethical dilemma of making contact with uncontacted people in the Amazon. A print and digital version are included.


Hunters & Gatherers: Photo Analysis

This can be used as a warm-up, whole class activity, or even as stations. Your students will analyze 3 photos of modern-day hunter-gatherer societies. Step by Step analysis guide is included. Context information is provided for each image. A digital copy is included for completing in Google Slides.


Diorama Project:

Students will create a 3D model representing hunter-gatherer life. The project includes student expectations, grading rubric, picture examples, and directions for making a 3D tree and hut.




If you are teaching Early Humans during the Stone Age, then covering the transition from Mesolithic Era to Neolithic Era is a must! This resource will help your students gain an understanding of how life transitioned from hunter-gatherer to settled farming, and then to life in the city. This resource includes both print and digital options that are great for blended or remote learning.


What's Included:

- Slide presentation (PPT and Google Slides)

- Note-Taking Sheets (Print & Digital)

- Interactive Notebook (Print & Digital)

- Terms to Know Cards (Print)

- Key Terms Drag & Drop Activity (Digital)

- Assessment (Print & Digital)


Terms Covered Include:

- Mesolithic Era

- Neolithic Era

- Hunter-Gatherer

- Adapt

- After-Life

- Shaman

- Megaliths

- Ziggurats

- Hierarchy


Topics Include:

- Agriculture

- Early villages

- Nutrition

- Food storage

- Job specialization

- Pottery

- Precious metal

- Advances

- Otzi the Ice Man

- Rituals

- Hierarchical structure




If you are looking to cover Mesopotamia, this is a great resource to give a broad overview of this early civilization. This resource includes both print and digital options perfect for blended learning!


What's Included:

- Slide Presentation (PPT & Google Slides included)

- Interactive Notebook (Print & Digital Notebook included)

- Key Term cards (Print)

- Key Term Drag & Drop Activity (Digital)

- Note-taking sheets (Print & Digital)

- Assessment (Print & Digital)


Topics Covered:

:: Mesopotamia Geography

:: Fertile Crescent

:: Stratified Society

:: King Hammurabi

:: Ziggurat

:: Diet Changes

:: Disease

:: Medical Practices

:: Trade

:: Cuneiform Writing

:: Mathematics

:: Astronomy


Key Term Cards

:: Mesopotamia

:: Fertile Crescent

:: Stratified Society

:: Ziggurat

:: Scribe

:: Cuneiform

:: Code of Hammurabi


Ancient Civilizations Bundle: Hunter-Gatherer, Mesolithic-Neolithic, Mesopotamia

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