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Create a meaningful bulletin board or hallway display for your classroom with this collaborative poster! Similar to a quilt project, each student will complete a section of the poster to form a student-created display. This is a great team-building activity for the first week of school. An extension questions sheet is also included.


This zip file includes:

:: 3 poster sizes to fit your class needs (18 pieces, 24 pieces, and 36 pieces)

:: Detailed student instructions

:: Varied pieces so you can give each student just the right amount of detail

:: Teacher instructions with standards alignment & coloring reference

:: Extention questions that pertain to the quotation is included


Ways to use this resource:

:: Entry Task

:: Early Finishers

:: Sub Plans

:: Stations activity

:: Exit Ticket

:: Team Building

:: First Weeks of School Ice-Breaker


Display Options & Ideas:

Completed posters are:

:: 18 x 27 (18 pieces)

:: 24 x 36 (24 pieces)

:: 24 x 36 (36 pieces)

:: Enlarge or create a smaller version using your printer settings

:: Great for a hallway display, bulletin board, or door decor


Please be sure to check out the preview for a closer look!


Thank you!

Michelle McDonald, B.A.E.

Social Studies Education, K-12

Elementary Education K-8

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