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Effective Teacher Communication Workshop: Gaining the Respect You Deserve as a Professional (35 Minute Self-Paced Course)


Do you struggle to communicate your needs to your admin, or spend hours trying to draft an email? This workshop is filled with actionable steps to help you communicate with confidence in various ways and under various circumstances. 


In this Workshop You Will...

  • Gain ways to communicate quickly and effectively through email and phone
  • Learn how to communicate your needs to admin & colleagues with confidence
  • Discover ways to gain the respect that you deserve during Open House, Conferences, & School Events
  • Access Phone & Email Scripts to save you time


This is a self-paced 35-minute workshop. You will have lifetime access and can re-watch, pause, and complete this workshop at your own pace. The video includes closed captioning. A certificate of completion is included.


Workshop BreakDown:

Introduction (00:00-00:21)

In This Workshop (00:21-1:24)

About (1:24-2:34)

Setting Boundaries (2:34-4:52)

Writing Your First Email (4:52-6:40)

  • Mistakes to Avoid (6:40-8:26)
  • Helpful Solutions (8:26-10:17)
  • Time Savers (10:17-11:40)

Making the First Phone Call (11:40-12:34)

  • Phone Call Tips (12:34-13:36)
  • Phone Call Considerations (13:36-14:24)
  • Communication Considerations (14:24-15:29)
  • Calling Home (15:30-16:16)

Speaking With Your Admin (16:16-17:38)

  • Tips for Big Asks (17:38-19:32)
  • Meeting Goals (19:32-21:48)
  • Addressing Mistakes (21:48-23:18)

Open House/Back to School Night (23:18-23:53)

  • 3 Helpful Tips (23:53-24:54)
  • Addressing Your Experience (24:54-25:49)
  • Speaking With Confidence (25:49-26:55)
  • Meeting Parents/Guardians (26:55-27:38)

Conferences with Confidence (27:38-29:29)

  • Conference Tips (29:29-31:30)

Addressing Common Misconceptions (31:30-34:33)

Thank You (34:33-35:05)


What You Will Receive:

You will receive a PDF with an access link to obtain the Workshop Video. A certificate of completion is also included. You will find a minute-by-minute breakdown sheet to quickly access content throughout the workshop.


If you have questions, please reach out before purchasing.



Effective Teacher Communication Workshop

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