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This is a three-part movie series from National Geographic perfect for emergency sub plans, early finishers, or an extension activity. This video guide includes movie questions, background information before you watch, and take action pages. Answer keys are included. Print and digital movie guides included. Low prep and ready to go!


Plastic on the Ganges Video Series

This is a short film series from National Geographic that can be found on YouTube. I've included links with all ads removed. The video links will automatically start in full-screen and auto-loop. Each short film is about 6 minutes in length. Each segment includes a 360-degree interactive experience.


Your students will learn about:

  • Plastic and challenges among those living along the Ganges River
  • Dependency on plastic nets and the impact to the river
  • How plastic waste travels from source, to river, and to sea


Questions & Answer Keys:

With each movie segment, your students will answer questions pertaining to the film, which is helpful for student accountability. Your students will also have an opportunity to think critically about the film segment by considering what they found most interesting or surprising. These are great questions for discussion. All the answer keys are included in the teacher guide.


Within this movie guide, I have also provided “Before You Watch” background information about plastic pollution, as well as a follow-up “Take Action” page.


This Movie Guide Includes:

  • Before You Watch Background Information about the Ganges River
  • 3 Separate Pages of Movie Questions
  • After You Watch Take Action Content
  • Answer Keys
  • Print & Digital (Google Slides) Included
  • YouTube Movie Links with Ads Removed
  • Standards Alignment


The short video series breaks content into bite-sized segments to allow time for students to complete the movie guide, and have time for discussion. This is also helpful if you have shorter class periods because watching the video segments in total spans between 18 and 20 minutes.


Ways to Use this Movie Guide:

  • Sub Plans
  • Early Finishers
  • Station Activity
  • Entry Task or Bell Ringer
  • Brain Break or Independent Activity (if you need to catch your breath and catch up on grading)
  • Cross-Curricular (Science & Social Studies) Learning
  • Activity or Reduced Schedule Days


Thank you!

Michelle McDonald, B.A.E.

Social Studies Education, K-12

Elementary Education K-8

Plastic on the Ganges Movie Guide (National Geographic Video Series)

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