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This bundle includes two 9/11 resources for your upper elementary and middle school classroom. The close reading passage and comprehension questions are perfect for building background knowledge. The primary source analysis activity provides an opportunity for your students to dive deeper into the event through thought provoking questions that are meant to also provide a stepping stone for more meaningful discussion.



Our teens today were not born when the September 11 attacks occurred, yet this event impacts us all today. This passage can be used as a close read and covers the tragic events of the day, the impact on America, the decisions of Congress, and the memorial that was built in New York. Also included in this resource is a set of 4 photos/graphics for your students to analyze the artist's message.


What’s Included:

- 3 page reading passage

- 2 page comprehension questions

- Set of 4 photos/artistic pieces to analyze



This photo analysis activity and writing sheets are a perfect companion to a September 11th unit or study. This resource includes 8 primary source images with a step by step analysis guide, historical context page, and writing prompts perfect for deeper discussion. This resource could be used as a whole group activity, stations, a warm up, or exit ticket.


What's Included:

- Lesson Plan with Step-by-Step Analysis Sheet

- Historical Context Information for each image

- Additional Analysis Discussion Questions (can also be used for writing prompts)

- Grading Rubrics

- 8 Primary Source Images (half-page & full page versions)

- Step By Step Photo Analysis Student Sheet

- 8 Writing Sheets with Prompts

- 8 Writing Sheets w/out Prompts (Create your own)


Carefully educating our students on this day in history is an important part of our role as educators, and my goal in creating this resource is to help you bring awareness and understanding in your class.


This resource can be used on Patriot Day (9/11) or any time of the year.

September 11th: Reading Passage and Photo Analysis Activity BUNDLE

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