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In an age of information overload, your students will learn the skills Professional Fact Checkers use to evaluate information in both digital and video formats. In this lesson, students will learn the skills of lateral reading in order to evaluate information on the Internet. Students will apply those skills in a research project based on “unsolved mysteries.” 


This lesson is set up in Google Slides. I've included two video demonstrations where I share my screen to demo how to use lateral reading skills to evaluate websites and YouTube video content. The prep-work is already done, so this lesson would work well to leave as sub plans.


Google Slides Include:

:: What is Lateral Reading? (with video link)

:: Why Read Laterally?

:: How to Read Laterally

:: Who's Behind the Information?

:: What's the Evidence?

:: Helpful Tips for Evaluating Info

:: What Do Other Sources Say?

:: How to Use Wikipedia Wisely

:: Use Lateral Reading Easter Island Video Demos (2 screen shares)


Unsolved Mysteries Graphic Organizer Slides

Each "unsolved mystery" includes a slide for recording and justifying 3 sources. A slide is also included with research questions. These slides are editable. Feel free to change the questions or duplicate the slide to add additional questions.


1. Easter Island (video demo included)

2. Mary Celeste 

3. Big Foot

4. Loch Ness Monster

5. Roswell

6. Bermuda Triangle

7. Lost City of Atlantis


Please feel free to reach out with any questions prior to purchasing.

Michelle McDonald


Unsolved Mysteries: Lateral Reading Research Project

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