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If you are in need of a digital-friendly activity for the 2022 Winter Games, this resource is set up and ready to go. Your students will learn the history as well as contemporary information about six (6) winter sports. Graphic organizers are also included for students to conduct their own research. This slide presentation includes informational text, video links, and questions. This activity is a great option if you are in need of sub plans!


This resource covers:

:: 6 Winter Sports Contested at the Winter Games

:: Figure Skating (1)

:: Early Transportation

:: The First Ice Rinks

:: Oldest Winter Games Sport

:: Skating Elements

:: Ice Dancing

:: Music Choice and Fashion

:: The Scoring Process

:: Bobsleigh (2)

:: A Gravity-Powered Sled

:: Swiss Invention

:: Ice Tracks Today

:: At the Winter Games

:: Women's Teams

:: Role of Crew Members

:: Technique

:: Alpine Skiing (3)

:: Early Transportation

:: Sondre Norheim

:: First Contested Event

:: The Slalom

:: The Winter Games

:: Women's Downhill Skiing

:: Ski Records

:: Luge (4)

:: An Extreme Sport

:: The First Tracks

:: The Winter Games

:: Physical and Mental Strength

:: Artificial Tracks

:: Risks and Precision

:: Curling (5)

:: What is Curling?

:: A Sport of Strategy

:: First Recorded Game

:: Curling Popularity

:: Curling Stone

:: The Shoes and Broom

:: Wheelchair Curling

:: Speed Skating (6)

:: Rapid Transportation

:: First Official Race

:: The Winter Games

:: Skates and Suit Technology

:: Long Track Racing

:: Determining a Winner

:: 1932 Boycott

:: Short Track Racing


Graphic Organizers: Take notes and conduct further research

:: Figure Skating

:: Alpine Skiing

:: Bobsleigh

:: Luge

:: Speed Skating

:: Curling

:: Ice Hockey

:: Ski Jumping

:: Snowboard

:: Biathlon

:: Skeleton


This Resource Includes:

:: Informational text

:: Critical thinking question slides

:: Video links to go more in-depth

:: 11 Graphic organizers for conducting research

:: Grading rubric

:: Google slides ready activity


How it Works:

This activity is versatile. It can be conducted as a teacher-led activity where the Google Slides are presented whole group and students follow along. Students can take notes with the graphic organizers and then complete further research (optional). This activity can also be assigned as an independent learning activity or group activity where students move through the slides at their own pace, watch the videos (YouTube), and answer the questions included.


Everything is set up for you. This resource is LOW PREP and makes great sub plans.



This lesson is structured. This means that the informational text is set up to move through the content in an organized way. You could easily segment the slides and have small groups focus on just one sport and present what they learned to the class.


Standards Alignment:

:: Common Core Standards for Informational Text

:: Washington State Social Studies Standards

:: Can be used as a cross-curricular activity as it fits many different standards


Grading Rubric:

A grading rubric is also included for short answer responses that assess: accuracy, thoroughness, validity, and writing conventions.



Please note that students will need to access YouTube to view the video clips. All links are set up within the activity and are editable.


Olympics Trademark:

Due to trademark, the word Winter Sports is used in lieu of the term Olympics, Olympic Games, and Winter Olympics.


If you have questions, feel free to reach out prior to purchasing. I can be reached directly by email at:


Thank you!

Michelle McDonald, B.A.E.

Social Studies Education, K-12

Elementary Education K-8

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Winter Sports | Winter Games Digital Activity

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