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This inquiry-based activity focuses on the question "What was life like for a soldier on the front lines of World War One?" Transform your classroom into a museum or gallery by having students view primary source images from World War 1 organized by topic. Arrange the descriptive images around the classroom. Students rotate through stations, and record data to reach a conclusion regarding the overarching question.


A student packet is included for recording data and writing a final conclusion essay. The setup for this activity is very minimal, and I've organized everything to make printing a breeze!


Students will view 33 images with captions on the following topics:

- Trench Warfare

- Chemical Warfare

- Tank Warfare

- Stormtroopers & Flamethrowers


All of these images include descriptions that are designed so that students use higher-level thinking skills to reach the answer to the overarching question.

World War I: Front Lines Gallery Walk (Trench Warfare)

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