10 Interactive Notebook Tips for Your Social Studies Class

Do you want to try interactive notebooks in your social studies classroom but are worried about the cutting and gluing getting out hand or wasting precious learning time? I want to share with you 10 tips that will hopefully ease some of the stress and provide a smooth transition to INB's.

1. Create a Teacher Copy

I always create an example copy to show my students. I want my students to see exactly what is expected when they put together their interactive notebook. A messy, half-cut page foldable with no notes on it, is just not worth their time or yours. If you want students to really make the notebook their own, then its best to have a teacher copy that models how you personalized your notebook.

2. Explicitly Model

When introducing INB's I model how to fold and glue the foldables. It seems silly to talk to big kids about proper gluing techniques, but trust me, just model it. It will save you so much headache later, and you'll prevent unnecessary waste. If using stick glue (my preference), I model how to "frame" the foldable with glue. Or if using liquid glue, I model how "a dab of glue will do" and explicitly model the small dots of glue.