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3 Virtual Field Trips to Take Your Students on this Winter Season

3 Virtual Field Trips to Take Your Students on This Winter Season

Looking for engaging and meaningful winter-themed social studies activities? Take your students on virtual field trips around the world! These low prep interactive tours are set up and ready to go for a purposeful learning experience that is sure to spark curiosity and peak student interest this winter season.

Each of these virtual field trips incorporates Google Earth 360-degree views, short video clips, and informational text to cover key features in an engaging and interactive way. These activities are self-paced so they can be taught in a whole group setting with the teacher serving as the "tour guide," or simply assigned as an independent activity. Everything is set up and ready to go for engaging winter-themed learning!

Take your students on a virtual field trip to the Arctic to learn about the North Pole. This isn't a journey to see Santa's workshop, but rather a tour that covers the geography, history, and significance of the North Pole and the Arctic from various perspectives.

During this trip, your students will learn about the geographic location of the North Pole, climate, the long days and nights, as well as the arctic marine & animal life, and common misconceptions about polar bears and penguins.

Your students will also learn about Indigenous Arctic Peoples and the intricate process of building an igloo.

The North Pole Virtual Field Trip

Journey to the southernmost continent! This trip includes a comprehensive study of the geography and history of Antarctica. This virtual field trip covers Roald Amundsen & Ernest Shackelton expeditions, a Google Earth tour of a reconstructed polar expedition hut, as well as a tour of a modern research station.

Your students will learn about blue ice, ice shelves, and icebergs, mountains and volcanoes, plants, insects, animals, and so much more! This interactive activity also includes drag and drop map skills and has ready-to-go critical thinking questions included throughout the activity.

Antarctica Virtual Field Trip

During the Revolutionary War, armies did not fight during the wintertime. Valley Forge was a winter encampment for General George Washington and his troops. This Valley Forge virtual field trip provides students with a better understanding of the day-to-day life during the winter months of the American Revolutionary War, the diversity of George Washington's troops, and how this winter period served as a turning point in the war.

As well, students will gain a clearer picture of the difference between soldiers' and officers' quarters as they tour both the basic huts for soldiers and George Washington's headquarters. Students will also learn about the role of women and children and will learn about the life of William Lee, an enslaved servant who accompanied General George Washington at Valley Forge.

Valley Forge Winter Encampment

Need sub plans? All 3 of these interactive tours are set up in Google Slides with clickable links, ready-to-go response questions, and they all truly involve no prep. Just open the trip, assign, and begin.

You can check out these virtual field trips as well as more than 70 ready-to-go experiences HERE.

Virtual Field Trips by Michelle McDonald


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