4 Exciting Virtual Tours to Ancient China

If you are getting ready to start your ancient China unit in your World Civilizations class and are now faced with remote learning or are teaching with a hybrid model, I want to share with you 4 interactive virtual field trips that are a huge time saver and are ready to go in Google Slides!

Each virtual tour includes informational text to build background, maps, Google Earth 360-degree views, video links, and critical thinking response questions throughout. These questions are editable so that they can be tailored to meet your class needs. Everything is set up in Google Slides in a structured format that guides students through each stop along the way.

1. Ancient China Geography Virtual Field Trip

If you are just starting your unit, it's imperative that students have a good sense of the geography of China. It's easy to get into the history and realize that our students may not have a solid understanding of where China is located on the map. To build some context, this virtual tour covers the Gobi Desert, Himalaya Mountains, Tibetan Plateau, Yangtze River, and Huang He River (Yellow River). This activity also includes fill in the blank and drag & drop map skills.