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5 Digital Activities for Your Unit on Ancient Rome

5 Digital Activities for your Ancient Rome Unit

If you are gearing up to teach Ancient Rome and are looking for some fresh or digital-friendly activities, virtual field trips are a great way to engage students and spark curiosity while presenting information in a meaningful way. Virtual field trips provide a means of learning through experience and teachers share that this mode of learning is “engaging for even the most uninterested student.” Through critical thinking, Google Earth exploration, informational text, video clips, and more, students can work through the content on their own or information can be presented whole group. With the study of Ancient Rome a critical piece in any Ancient History or World Civilizations course, these 5 virtual field trips are a great way to present information from multiple perspectives.

Kick off your unit with an interactive and engaging geography virtual field trip. This virtual tour will help your students identify the location of places as well as understand their physical and cultural characteristics. This trip covers the Tiber River, Italian Peninsula, Italian Alps, Rome, and Constantinople. This virtual field trip includes drag and drop map skills, Google Earth 360-degree tours, video, informational text, and more.

Ancient Rome Geography Virtual Field Trip

Much can be learned through Roman contributions and architectural innovations. In this virtual field trip, students will learn about the Roman arch, vault, and dome. Students will travel to the Triumphal Arch of Caracalla and the Triumphal Arch of Orange. They will learn about and explore the Pont Du Gard Aqueduct, as well as explore the Palace of Diocletian,

the Basilica of Constantine, the Sanctuary of Fortuna Primigenia, and finally, the Pantheon.

Ancient Rome Aqueducts Lesson
Ancient Rome architecture lesson on arches, vaults, and domes

In this virtual field trip, students will learn about an important aspect of Roman civilian life. Take a tour of the Baths of Caracalla and the Baths of Diocletian, as well as the Aquae Sulis. Students will also learn about the Roman theatre with a visit to the Roman Theatre of Orange and the Roman Theatre of Mérida. Finally, students will experience the Roman amphitheater with a visit to the Arena of Verona and the Colosseum.

Roman Baths, Theaters, and Amphitheaters Virtual Field Trip. A digital activity for middle school ancient history or world civilizations class.
Virtual Field Trip of the Roman Baths, Roman Theatre, and Roman Amphitheaters

If you wish to take a more in-depth tour of the Colosseum, this virtual field trip will give your students a more well-rounded understanding of blood sport entertainment. This virtual field trip covers the architectural structure of the Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine. Your students will learn about Roman gladiators and will have a chance to explore the hypogeum. As well, this virtual field trip covers Roman social status through spectator seats, and includes a look at the political and social importance to the emperor and blood sports. This trip will provide your students with a look at the decline of blood sport entertainment and the later restoration of Colosseum.

A virtual tour of the Roman Colosseum. This is a digital activity for middle school students.
Roman Colosseum Virtual Field Trip. A digital activity for middle school

In this virtual tour, your students will gain an understanding of Roman temple architecture. Take your students on a virtual tour of the Pantheon, Maison Carrée, Sufetula, and the Temple of Bacchus. Bring history to life with these stunning ancient sites. All of the virtual field trips that I put together include critical thinking response questions that are meant to guide students through the trip. This is a great way to keep students accountable, while providing structure.

Digital Activities for an Ancient Rome Unit
Ancient Rome Digital Activities for World Civilizations or Ancient History

All of the virtual field trips are ready to go in Google Slides! Everything is set up with clickable links, and direct links to Google Earth 360 degree views. These trips are very low prep to save you time. If your school does not use Google Classroom, these trips can be assigned on other learning platforms. Check out this blog post with tons of tech tips and frequently asked questions.

Check out all of the Ancient Rome Virtual Field Trips here:


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