5 Digital Activities for Your Unit on Ancient Rome

5 Digital Activities for your Ancient Rome Unit

If you are gearing up to teach Ancient Rome and are looking for some fresh or digital-friendly activities, virtual field trips are a great way to engage students and spark curiosity while presenting information in a meaningful way. Virtual field trips provide a means of learning through experience and teachers share that this mode of learning is “engaging for even the most uninterested student.” Through critical thinking, Google Earth exploration, informational text, video clips, and more, students can work through the content on their own or information can be presented whole group. With the study of Ancient Rome a critical piece in any Ancient History or World Civilizations course, these 5 virtual field trips are a great way to present information from multiple perspectives.

1. Ancient Rome: Geography Virtual Field Trip

Kick off your unit with an interactive and engaging geography virtual field trip. This virtual tour will help your students identify the location of places as well as understand their physical and cultural characteristics. This trip covers the Tiber River, Italian Peninsula, Italian Alps, Rome, and Constantinople. This virtual field trip includes drag and drop map skills, Google Earth 360-degree tours, video, informational text, and more.

Ancient Rome Geography Virtual Field Trip