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How to Take Inventory of Your Classroom Library to Add More Diverse Books

How to Take Inventory of Your Classroom Library to Add More Diverse Books

If you were to sort the books in your classroom library and take an inventory, what would you find?

Do the books in your classroom library reflect students from all backgrounds? Are there voices missing? Or voices centered?

Do the books in your library only reflect the oppression that minority groups have faced?

Do your classroom library books also highlight the achievements and cultural events and traditions of all ethnic groups and individuals?

How many picture books or novels in your classroom library include a MAIN character that is Black, Latinx, Native American, Asian, or Arab?

Diversity is not limited to skin color. It can also include religion (religious attire), hair types, body types, differing abilities, sexual orientation, age, and gender roles/stereotypes.

Our students need to see themselves represented in the books that we share in our classrooms.

If the only time we read about, for example, Black history is to discuss enslaved people, then we have missed the mark.

Let's celebrate the achievements of people of all backgrounds and include books in our classroom that depict characters from diverse backgrounds.

Are the books in your classroom library diverse?

You don't have to spend a ton of money on new books. Talk to your school librarian about adding more diverse books to your school library collection.

I've also found success in finding new and diverse book titles at my local public library. This is a great way to bring in book titles for your mini-lessons, holidays, or classroom discussions.

Looking to add more titles, but not sure where to find diverse books? Check out my list of book recommendations. I continually add picture books, books for teens, and adult reading too.


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