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Cultivating Cultural Awareness In The Classroom: Travel Etiquette Activity

Free Travel Etiquette and Cultural Awareness Lesson to Build Global Citizenship Skills

If your students embark on any of my virtual field trips, I encourage you to delve into this free bonus lesson all about travel etiquette and cultural norms. Before taking a virtual field trip to let's say, Japan, Mexico City, or China, this activity is designed to create additional cultural context and awareness.

This lesson idea was born out of my own travel experiences around the world. Too often I've watched visitors to a country make embarrassing and often offensive social faux pas. We all have blind spots, but doing research and being sensitive to different cultural norms is an important part of good global citizenship skills.

In this lesson, your students will have an opportunity to research the place they are going to travel. They will research the currency and exchange rate, learn how to say "hello," research dining and clothing etiquette, and learn other important cultural norms. Adding in this additional travel component is not only a great anticipatory lesson but will make your students' virtual field trip even more of an immersive experience.

Free Travel Etiquette Lesson Plan about Cultural Standards and Norms

I've created this lesson so that it can easily be conducted before you take a virtual field trip. You can use the research graphic organizer with any country or place, and it can be used over and over again.

The other components of this lesson provide helpful context for students about cultural norms and basic travel etiquette. Whether you have students in your class who are frequent travelers or those who are just dreaming of a trip around the world, this lesson is designed to foster cultural sensitivity and awareness.

Lesson Plan About Cultural Norms and Travel Etiquette Guidelines

In this lesson, students will analyze travel etiquette, learn about cultural norms around the world, and will be provided with a quick travel etiquette guidelines sheet. As well, students will have an opportunity to analyze real-life travel scenarios so that they can apply global citizenship skills in a meaningful way.

I've created the travel scenarios in two formats. You can either have your students fill in the response to each scenario on their own worksheet, or use the scenario cut-apart cards provided. The cards can be used with partners or in a station setting. The scenarios are meant to display common social faux paxs and provide students an opportunity to either explain what the person should do in the situation, or explain what went wrong and why. I've included an answer key for each scenario.

Travel Etiquette & Cultural Norms Real Life Scenario Cards

This lesson plan is set up for easy printing and would make great sub plans as well. You could easily have students choose a place in the world to research, and complete the graphic organizer. You don't have to take a virtual field trip to utilize this activity, but it's a great addition to any of the virtual field trips around the world that I provide.

You can download this free bonus Travel Etiquette Lesson in my shop.


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