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Ellis Island Mini Book With Historical Photos

Ellis Island Mini Book Reader

Do you use mini book readers in your classroom? I love informational mini books. They are easy to print and assemble and you can easily make a class set.

If you are covering immigration, this Ellis Island printable mini book is a great addition to your unit of study. I also love to include Ellis Island when covering The Statue of Liberty.

Do you lack a textbook?

If you are lacking a text book, or are wanting to add another text to your unit, this book is a great supplement.

Ellis Island Printable Mini Book Reader with Historical Photos

Use in Small Group Reading

One of the great things about mini books, is that they can be used in small group reading time. This Ellis Island mini book includes historical photos. I love having students view images from the past, and the images and content of this book offer great discussion points.

Add to a Book Bag

One of the benefits of a printable mini book is that since everyone has a copy, the book can be added to a book bag for re-reading.

Ellis Island printable mini book reader with historical photos

Send the Mini Books Home

Mini books are great because you can also send them home with students to provide a home connection and additional reading material. As teachers, we also don't have to worry about keeping track of lost books, which is a huge bonus.

If you are looking for additional historical photos, I have a PowerPoint of images.

This PowerPoint includes not only historical images, but some present day images that I personally took when I toured Ellis Island in 2013. These images pair well with the mini book reader.


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