Engage Your Students with a Virtual Field Trip Along the Oregon Trail

An engaging and interactive virtual field trip with stops along the Oregon Trail

Remember the days of playing the classic Oregon Trail simulation game? With advances in technology, we can take our students on a virtual field trip along the Oregon Trail that includes 360-degree imagery of geographic sites from Google Earth™, video content, and more. While the old computer game was fun, it really was lacking in historical accuracy. There was no recognition of Native lands and everything was viewed through the lens of white settlers. Did you know that about 3% of people traveling westward were African American? If you are looking for an engaging and interactive way to teach the Oregon Trail, while also providing your students with multiple perspectives, check out this virtual field trip.

From Independence, Missouri through Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho, and finally to the Willamette Valley in Oregon, your students will make 13 stops along the Oregon Trail. Throughout the trip, students will visit geographic locations as well as reconstructed sites. This trip provides panoramic views along the trail, and video content of different experiences.