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Engage Your Students with Virtual Field Trips to the 5 U.S. Regions

Engage Your Students with Virtual Field Trips to the 5 U.S. Regions

Do you teach the U.S. Regions or the 50 states? If you're looking for a low-prep and well-rounded activity, I've created a set of virtual field trips that will keep your students engaged and learning as they explore all 50 states and territories.

I've organized all 50 states and U.S. territories by region to keep things organized and easy to assign. Using a combination of Google Earth™ 360-degree views, video, informational text, and visuals, your students will travel to every state and the inhabited U.S. territories to learn about key facts and features from multiple perspectives.

The 5 United States Regions & Territories:

The Northeast Region

The Southeast Region

The Midwest Region

The Southwest Region

The West Region

The U.S. Territories

Each trip includes ready-to-go Google Slides filled with maps, informational text, and Google Earth links to every location. While it is not possible to cover every single aspect of every state and territory, I've done my best to provide a well-rounded look at the geography, human geography, economy, and history of the United States. Every location includes Google Earth 360-degree links built in, as well as editable response questions.

There's so much included within this bundle, that I decided to put together a video tutorial so that you can check out exactly how these virtual field trips are set up and take a more in-depth look into each trip. View the video here:

Check out the bundle and cover all 50 states and territories at a discount:


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