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Experience History: Titanic Virtual Field Trip for Grades 5 through 7

RMS Titanic Virtual Field Trip for Grades 5 through 7

Take your students on a virtual field trip to learn all about the RMS Titanic! Enhance your social studies lessons with an interactive learning experience! All of the prep work is done for you to save you time. This virtual field trip includes animated video tours of the ship, informational text, survivor stories, wreckage findings, critical thinking questions throughout, and much more!

The Titanic Virtual Field Trip for Upper Grades

This engaging and interactive virtual field trip is set up in Google Slides with all of the informational text done for you. I’ve designed this trip to move through the slides in a meaningful way to help your students build background knowledge.

The virtual field trip moves through the construction of this “unsinkable ship,” to learning about the crew members, and later to the different aspects of the ship from First Class, Second Class, and Third Class.

Titanic Digital Activity with Clickable Links

Your students will take an animated video tour which will “walk” your students through the different decks, cabins, the Grand Staircase, and more. I’ve included all of the links to the video demos within the Google Slides. If your school blocks YouTube, you should still be able to use this without issues. I have modified all of the video links so that ads are removed. When a student clicks on the link it will automatically open in full screen and auto loop.

All About the Titanic Google Slides with Video Links

Your students will also learn about Iceberg Alley and will look at different aspects of the Titanic sinking. Through the course of this experience, your students will come to realize that class, gender, and age played a significant role in who survived the disaster.

I have done my best to humanize the history of the Titanic, by including survivor stories. I have included a different personal experience from each class. As well, your students can watch a short video interview with one of the Titanic survivors.

Finally, your students will learn about finding the Titanic wreckage, treasure hunters, and why there are laws in place to protect the wreckage site of the Titanic.

All About the RMS Titanic Google Slides with Links

Throughout this trip, your students will answer critical thinking questions. I have made a point of including historical thinking questions. Instead of just answering yes or no questions about the text, I have been intentional about including questions that ask students to ponder what they are observing as they tour the ship. They will be asked to make comparisons and to record what they find most interesting or surprising. The goal is to make connections and find value in what they are learning.

The questions are set up in an editable format, so you are welcome to tailor the response questions to your particular class needs. I have also included a grading rubric to make grading easier.

All About the Sinking of the Titanic Google Slides with Links

You can find the RMS Titanic Virtual Field Trip in my TPT store here. Or if you prefer to shop on my website, you can find the webstore link here.

If you have questions about this trip, or if you have ideas or suggestions for other virtual field trips that you haven't seen yet, please let me know. I am always looking to help teachers and fill a need. I can be reached at

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