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Grab a Free Collaborative Poster to Create an Easy Bulletin Board Display

If you're looking for a fun and easy bulletin board display, check out this free collaborative poster! If you take your students on my virtual field trips, or have classroom theme of travel, this is a fun student-created poster that's a perfect bulletin board or hallway display.

Each student will color one piece of the poster to create a student-created wall display. I've included three poster sizes: 18 pieces, 24 pieces, and 36 pieces. This is a fun activity for team-building as students can work together to determine the colors of the background, letters, and objects.

Use this activity as an entry task, an extension activity, or as a brain break activity after a testing day.

The pieces have varying amounts of detail, so you can give each student just the right piece to color.

Since this collaborative poster is travel themed, I've included an exit ticket sheet that asks your students to think about the meaning of the quote included on the poster and to make personal connections. You could easily display student responses to the poster around the bulletin board display.

This is a great low-prep and easy-to-implement way to make your bulletin board or hallway display student-centered! Everything you need is included within this free download. Check it out here.


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