Helpful Strategies: When Students Will Not Stop Talking

Do you have a class that will not.stop.talking? You've probably tried the "I'm just waiting" trick and literally waited, and waited, and waited for more than 10 minutes with little success. Waiting can work, but sometimes students see it more as an opportunity to continue to talk and show disrespect. In this case, taking control of the class may mean trying some different strategies.

Teacher vs. Student:

This strategy is super easy to implement, and works well in all grade levels. Create a T-chart on the white board, or a place that is visible for students. The goal is for students to beat the teacher. Any time a student talks out or is off task, the teacher earns a point. Any time the students are quiet and on task, they earn a point. At the end of the day, if they beat the teacher, they earn a reward. This could mean 5 minutes of electronics time at the end of the week, with that amount building each time they beat the teacher. Or could be a pencil, eraser, candy, sticker, or whatever you choose. Students love a competition, so this one I've found works really well.

No Blurting Teams:

This works well if your students sit in table groups or pods. The goal is to be the team with zero (o