History: What is It? & Why Does it Matter?

History: What is is and why does it matter. This is an introductory history lesson for upper elementary or middle school.

One social studies question I get quite often at the start of the year is:

"Where do I begin?"

I believe that before we dive into our first unit, it's important that our students understand what history is and why it matters. If our students don't understand the importance of history, they won't feel the need to engage. I'm excited to share with you a history introductory lesson that provides an opportunity for students to analyze and corroborate evidence of YOUR story!

Here's how this lesson works:

In this lesson, we go over not only what history is, but the importance of thinking like a historian. Students will look at 3 pieces of evidence from my past (I don't tell them this!). This is a great time to talk about primary sources.