How to Take Your Students on a Virtual Field Trip to Regions of North America

Regions of North America Virtual Field Trip

Have your heard of virtual field trips? With distance learning in place, maybe your end of school year field trips have been canceled. Maybe you are looking for a way to bring social studies to life for your elementary students. A virtual field trip is a way for your students to investigate, explore, and learn about a topic right from their home or classroom. With technology today, students can take a virtual tour to learn about our world.

Standards Alignment

One of the Washington State Social Studies Standards for 3rd Grade Geography, includes the investigation of the physical, political, and cultural characteristics of the regions, places, and people in North America. The standards also include the examination and use of maps and globes to understand the regions of North America in the past and present.

To be honest, when I read these two standards, I realized that there is SO MUCH packed in to these two sentences. And to truly learn about the regions of North America, all of these characteristics need to be covered. If you are lacking a text book, or curriculum, you might be wondering how in world you will be a