Take Your Students on a Virtual Field Trip to Ancient Mesopotamia

Ancient Mesopotamia geography digital activity for 6th grade world civilizations

I recently chatted with a teacher about how to cover the geography of ancient Mesopotamia while teaching virtually. Between navigating a new online schedule, teaching content in a new way with a new platform, and making sure the lessons are engaging but still simple enough that students are not overwhelmed with technology, talk about a huge undertaking! One thing that I do know is that taking content and turning it into a virtual field trip is a sure way to keep your students engaged while also presenting content in a structured and interactive way.

I know that time is of the essence, so to save you time I've created a low prep virtual field trip activity that is designed to ensure students can identify and locate key geographic features of ancient Mesopotamia. I've aligned this digital activity to the Tennessee 6th grade social studies standards, but this digital activity will work well if you teach World Civilizations and cover ancient Mesopotamia.

5 Ancient Mesopotamia Geographic Destinations

In this virtual field trip your students will travel to 5 geographic locations which include the:

:: Black Sea