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Make a Smooth Landing with 4 End of Year Virtual Field Trips

Make a Smooth Landing with 4 End of Year Virtual Field Trips

With a school year that experienced some turbulence, you can still make a smooth landing and keep your students engaged and learning until the last school bell with ready-to-go virtual field trips.

It seems that once testing is over, students are counting down the days to summer break. Who am I kidding, teachers count down the days too. And with another year rife with uncertainty under your belt, you deserve more than ever to experience a smooth landing.

I've compiled 4 virtual field trips for the end of the year that are fun and engaging and provide a meaningful learning experience. We know that students love to "play" because that's what the brain wants to do. Each of these self-paced virtual field trips provides an opportunity for students to explore using Google Earth™, and lead their own learning.

Each trip is set up in Google Slides with clickable links, informational text, short video clips, and Google Earth™ 360-degree views. These trips are low-prep and quick and easy to assign in Google Classroom or another LMS. You could also conduct each trip whole-group if devices are limited or Google Earth™ and YouTube are blocked by your school firewall. Teachers share with me that their students find these trips just as exciting whether the teacher is "navigating the tour" or if students are completing the trip on their own devices.

Pirate Ships

Do you have students fascinated with pirates? This trip is for them! Explore an underwater shipwreck, tour replica ships, and learn all about pirate life with this virtual field trip!

Learn All About Pirates in this End of School Year Virtual Field Trip

NASA Space Centers

This trip will take your students to three different NASA space centers. Your students will learn all about NASA, research and contributions, space travel, and significant events. They will tour a mission control center, view a rocket up close, and learn about space shuttles.

Learn All About NASA Space Centers with this virtual field trip


Summer may be approaching, but there's still time to learn all about Antarctica. Your students will visit the south pole, tour a polar expedition hut, and learn all about the geography, history, and significance of Antarctica from various perspectives.

Tour Antarctica with this engaging virtual field trip!

Taj Mahal

Experience one of the Wonders of the World with this virtual field trip to the Taj Mahal. Your students will view this incredible mausoleum up close with Google Earth™ 360-degree views.

Explore one of the Wonders of the World with this engaging virtual field trip to the Taj Mahal

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