Distance Learning Virtual Field Trip To The National Parks

I’ve been fortunate to explore and share a few of the National Parks with my family. We’ve taken a couple road trips with the kids to explore Zion, the Grand Canyon, the Tetons, Glacier, and Yellowstone. I also grew up hiking with family in the Olympic National Park, which was a quick drive from my home. Seeing these amazing places in person is worth the trip.

While we may not live close enough or have the means to take our students on a field trip to the National Parks, we can take our students on a fun and educational virtual field trip! This National Parks Virtual Field Trip uses the amazing 360 degree navigation features of Google Earth to explore the top 5 most visited parks!

While a virtual trip can never replace experiencing the wonders of the parks in person, this activity provides students with background information on our parks, looks at the distinct physical and cultural characteristics that have impacted our nation, and gives students a glimpse at our geographically diverse country. And hopefully by the end students will add the National Parks to their bucket list, if they haven’t already done so.

How does this Virtual Field Trip Work?

Teachers are busy, so this virtual field trip is LOW PREP and GOOGLE COMPATIBLE. Students use Google Earth and multiple print and digital sources to draw information to answer questions pertaining to the National Parks. This resource is aligned to the Common Core Standards, as well the Washington State Social Studies Standards for grades 5-8. This resource makes a great sub plan!