Staying the Course: When You Feel Like Giving Up

Staying the course when you feel like giving up. Tips for new teachers

"A woman is like a tea bag--you can't tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water." Eleanor Roosevelt said these famous words, and I believe they apply to not just women, but teachers in general. There are times in teaching when it feels like the water is very hot, and the water is very deep. But I'm here to tell you that: You are strong. You are capable. And you ARE doing it. The fact is, you are showing up for work each day. You are making a difference in student's lives. That is what matters.

Be Courageous

One thing I've learned in both my personal and professional life is that bravery and courage are only gained when we go through something tough. When we look throughout history, we don't say, "that person was so brave" without tying it to something that they did or went through. We don't say "they're so courageous" unless there's something they've been through that caused that person to need to BE courageous. The same is true with teaching. You won't know how strong you are until you're in the middle of it, and ultimately until you're through it.

Don't Give up Before You've Really Started

If you feel like giving up or are doubting that you made the right career choice, don't give up before you've really started. You have worked so hard to g