10 Parent Teacher Conference Tips for First Year Teachers

My first year of teaching, I was definitely a little nervous when it came to parent-teacher conferences. Even though I had participated in conferences with my master teacher during my education program, actually conducting them on my own was a little nerve-wracking. Over the years, I conducted conferences in a few different ways, and I’d love to share some tips with you to help your conferences go smoothly.

1. Keep a Checklist of Tasks

There's quite a few tasks to complete prior to conference week, and to stay on top of everything, I like to make a checklist of tasks with due dates to keep me on schedule. This includes sending out conference slips, reminders, follow up calls to parents that don't sign up, and prepping paperwork. Waiting until the last minute to prep for conferences is sure to make things feel hectic.

Parent Teacher Conference Checklist and tips for new teachers