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The 2023 Gift Guide for the Social Studies Teacher

2023 Gift Guide for Social Studies Teachers

This is the season of giving, so I thought I would share a few thoughtful gift ideas for the social studies teacher in your life. Whether you are a colleague, partner, or friend, I have some ideas that are great for the classroom, the teacher, and the home. If you can find meaningful gifts by thrift shopping (my personal favorite), I believe that's always a great place to start, but here are some ideas. All of the items in this gift guide are things I personally use and recommend. This post contains affiliate links to make it easier for you to find the items shared in this post.

Gift Guide for Social Studies Teachers

For the Teacher:

This is a great gift for the tea drinker whose classroom is a bit of a walking distance from the staff room. I know when I worked in a portable and had to walk outside in the snow during the winter months, I often skipped a trip to the staff lounge just because of the distance. Gift an electric kettle and a box of tea or hot chocolate.

I love these reusable storage bags for packing lunch and snacks. These bags are more eco-friendly than plastic ziplocks and are long-lasting. Pack up the bags with some special treats and wrap them together as a gift set.

For the coffee-loving social studies teacher, this is a great option. We have been using this press for over a year now and it's durable and holds the heat. Plus, a french press is so much better than the staff room coffee.

For the Classroom:

Books are always a great gift option for teachers because they last for years to come and can be enjoyed by many. Here are a few of my recent favorites.

This young adult novel is a historical thriller that is based on real events in communist Romania and the citizen spy network. An excellent read that I couldn't put down.

This is book one of a series based on true events in Chile. It is hard to find chapter books on this topic, and this one is a great classroom library addition.

This novel won the Edgar Allen Poe Award for Best Young Adult Novel in 2022. It had me captivated the entire time. It's a YA thriller about a Native teen who must root out the corruption in her community. For those who love books by Angie Thomas or Tommy Orange, this is a good addition.

For the Home:

I know, I know, a candle might seem like a generic gift, but why not add a rechargeable lighter? We have had this one for several years and it holds its charge well. It can be recharged with a USB Type C cable. It uses plasma tech so there's no harmful chemicals or flames.

For the social studies teacher who likes to spend time in the kitchen, this is a practical gift and eco-friendly swap. I switched to using food huggers to store my veggies and it's been a game changer. My produce lasts so much longer and they are no longer slimy from sitting inside a plastic bag or being seran-wrapped. This gift would pair well with the silicone reusable storage bags.

I hope this guide gives you some inspiration this season. If you are interested in other money-saving and eco-friendly products and tips, check out these blog posts: Easy Ways to Live Sustainably and Ecofriendly on a Teacher Budget, Shopping for Teacher Outfits on a Tight Budget: Shopping with Sustainability in Mind

Happy Holidays,

Michelle McDonald


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